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My Wedding: The Original Inspiration for The Wedding Market

The first inspiration behind the inception of The Wedding Market occurred as a result of my own wedding and wedding planning experience. I had just graduated with a Bachelor's in Nursing and had no idea that 7 years later our special day would be a major catalyst for started a business in the wedding industry.  

Mike and Jenna on their wedding day walking on a path looking happy and excited.

Who: Jenna (me!) and Mike White
When: September 1st, 2012
Where: Harriet Island Pavilion, St. Paul, MN
Why: Because Love!


First, let's go back to 2012...a completely different time in terms of wedding planning even though only 8 years ago. This was a time when the phrase "Insta-worthy" was not yet in our vocabulary.  However, Pinterest was (and still is!) an essential tool for finding inspiration and planning. I spent countless hours on Pinterest looking for ideas. My goal: Have a wedding that was different than every other wedding. I didn't want my wedding to be "trendy", but rather timeless, and a representation of myself and my man. 

I loved every single part of the wedding planning. But my favorite was the decor. I looked at every vintage, second-hand, and craft store in Minneapolis. I spent so many hours on the Internet and Pinterest trying to get inspired.

Here are some of my favorite ideas, memories, and photos from our wedding day.

#1 Fresh Kicks

It was always important to me that I was comfortable at my reception and would be able to get down on the dance floor.  My shoe staple in high school and early college was any colorful pair of Nike Air Force 2 Lows. So when I found out that Nike lets you make custom shoes, I obviously had to get a pair.

Custom Nike wedding sneakers for the bride


#2 DIY Decor

As a crafty DIY Bride, I chose to make the centerpieces for our tables. Here, my cousin, and bridesmaid, Liz is spray painting wine bottles that were saved by multiple family members over a long period of time. Yes I know, the painted wine bottle has been done a million times, but 8 years ago, it was the beginning of a new era of wedding planning. At that time, we were actually experiencing a complete rebirth in wedding decor, design, and planning.

DIY centerpieces being spray painted for wedding.

#3 Inflatables

Because, why not? A. No one else was going to have inflatables at their wedding. B. They added fun/excitement for guests and C. Inflatables were an integral part of my childhood and my Dad owns them, so there you have it! happy hour = lit. 

 Inflatable games for wedding reception idea

 #4 Remembering the little details

It wasn't until after the ceremony that I hear there was a bald eagle that perched itself on a branch for the ceremony. Mike and I couldn't help but feel like it was a good omen, and possibly the presence of the spirit of a loved one. The photographer missed the eagle as well since the main event had started, but luckily multiple guests were able to capture the moment in photo.

A close up of a bald eagle at the wedding of Jenna and Mike, perched on a tree during the ceremony.


The day before our wedding, all the bridesmaids got together to make our bouquets. Somehow, during this time I introduced them to the song and video "Gangnam Style" by Psy. The next day at the reception, everyone stared in awe and confusion as we busted those famous moves on the dance floor. Why do I love this memory so much? The tiny details that seem insignificant at the time, are actually the most fun. I still have a note in my phone from the day after the wedding with little nuggets of details. Now I'll never forget that there was also a disability convention going on at our hotel, or that my Mom and Grandma somehow walked into the wrong hotel room where my Uncle (Dad's brother) was getting out of the shower! (How did this happen?!?) All the notes and photos are invaluable to my poor memory.

Bride and bridesmaids dancing at wedding reception

 All the work and planning culminated into a truly special day. I love looking back on our wedding day and thinking about the joy and love that everyone put into it. Since forming The Wedding Market, I find it such an honor to help couples turn their weddings into an unforgettable experience. 

So my brother-in-law totally thought the Gangnam Style dance was not cool (How?!) One month later at a cousin's wedding...

A wedding guest dancing happily with his hands in front of him.

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