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Gifting for the Conscious Consumer: Pandemic Edition

Disclaimer: This blog features products sold on The Wedding Market's website. The businesses discussed are providing no incentive or direction in the production of this blog and are not aware of their presence in this blog at time of publishing.

The Coronavirus pandemic has touched us all in some way. It is a devastating time for many, but it also is a time where we rise up as a country. We have seen neighbors coming together, crafters sewing hospital masks, and thankfully the internet meme game is strong. But so much has changed. It's a time where many of us are re-evaluating our behaviors and buying habits. I have seen a massive outpouring of love for small businesses in the last few weeks. Supporting local and/or small businesses has a huge economical impact and also a very personal impact on someone's livelihood. Here are 5 products that are perfect for feel-good gifting (And not just for brides/Grooms!)


#1 Lavender Eye Pillow ($24)

4 Lavender Eye Pillows in Red, purple, torqoise, and pink. Made by Kyra Deva and sold in The Wedding Market's online Marketplace.
This eye pillow has become a part of my everyday life. I curl up in bed with it every night and during the day If my neck is hurting or I'm having cramps. Just put it in the microwave for a minute and you're good to go. Plus they come in beautiful 100% silk fabrics.  

 Who am I supporting?

Kyra was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. She inherited a love for beautiful fabrics and quality craftsmanship from her mother, owner of the beloved local boutique, Larue's. (A great option for the unique and eclectic Mother-of-the-bride!). 

Kyra received an Associate's Degree in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and Bachelor's Degree in Textile & Apparel Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She creates all items in her Minneapolis Studio.

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#2 Bridechilla Survival Guide by Bridechilla ($29)

Women holding up the Bridechilla Wedding Planning Survival Guide in front of her face. Bridechilla is a small business that is women-owned.

According to the Bridechilla website, "Bridechilla is about banishing the bullshit and features real advice, for real people, on real budgets." Her Wedding Planning Guide is not only the most useful guide I have seen, it is witty and entertaining. The Bridechilla advice is also extremely relevant today as many couples face uncertainty and disappointment with their wedding plans.
Must read chapter: "The Fuck It Bucket"
Who am I supporting?
Aleisha, a TV producer by day, business owner extraordinaire by night runs her popular Bridechilla enterprise from home. Aleisha, the sole member of her small business, has created wedding guides, a Podcast, and online community that offers a hilarious and refreshing perspective on wedding planning. 


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Also check out: The Maidchilla Manual by Bridechilla

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#3 "Wife for Life" Box- Curated by The Wedding Market ($114)


The wedding market of minneapolis is a small business. The also make handmade items, are not sold on amazon and is women-owned. Their wife for life gift box features two custom stemless glasses, a flippable sequin shirt, "just married" socks, a Baublerella Bling Brush, and a wedding timeline by Chez Gagne.

Whats included?
Flippable sequin shirt ("Miss" to "Mrs")
Just Married cozy socks
Baublerella Bling Brush
Wedding Timeline
Custom Stemless Glassware (2)
The Wife for Life Box was designed as an alternative to the ever popular subscription boxes available today. I wanted a box that didn't have cheap stuff in it that would be thrown out after a week. I also wanted the Box to include an element of personalization because meaningful gifting is something I find powerful. All customizations are done in my home in South Minneapolis. 
Who am I supporting?
The Wedding Market of Minneapolis is a local business owned by yours truly. When I started The Wedding Market, I wanted unique options for engaged couples who wanted to do things a little different than everyone else. We focus on providing unique rental services for weddings and events, as well as a curated Marketplace. One of my favorite things to do is shop! (both online and in person). I find it frustrating how the internet and algorithms stand in the way of small businesses visibility. With millions of products out there, how can we find the ones we are looking for? Small business don't have the capital to pay for top visibility. So I shop and shop (and shop...) around to gather products that I know people will love. When adding inventory, I try to choose vendors that align with my own values and those of The Wedding Market. 


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#4 "Our Wedding Guestbook" by Lily & Val ($39)

Lily & Val makes a unique wedding guestbook that is found in The Wedding Market's Marketplace. Their business is small batch, made in the USA, Handmade, Women-owned, and not on Amazon.
A new refreshing spin on the traditional guestbook. The prompts that guests receive are thoughtful and fun. Your guests are asked questions like "Where should we travel together?" and "Movies we should watch together".
Who am I supporting?
Lily & Val is a small business based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Owner Valerie, owner and illustrator, works out of her home studio to create unique and meaningful art. 
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