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Glamping FAQ's

I'm Interested in trying Glamping. Where is The Wedding Market located?

The Wedding Market doesn't have a specific location. We are a mobile, pop-up, service that brings the fun to you. Some glampers choose one of Minnesota or Wisconsin's beautiful state parks. Others may prefer the seclusion that private property can offer. If you aren't sure of a location for your event, let us help you find the right fit!

How far do you travel?

Included in your booking is travel up to 60 miles from downtown Minneapolis. However, we can travel anywhere! Mileage is extra and for distances that require staff to stay overnight near your event, a $150 charge is applied.

What makes a location good for setting up your Glamping tents?

State Parks are a great option because the ground is well-suited for a tent. There are also bathrooms and showers onsite. If you are thinking of having your event on private property, consider the following tips:

  • At least 20ft diameter of flat ground
  • Ground should be firm soil so that stakes can penetrate the ground
  • Site should not be in an area that might flood if it rains
  • What facilities does your event require and how accessible are they? (electricity, water, bathrooms, showers)
  • Noise. How close are neighbors? How loud are me and my friends?

I see Glamping costs $350/night. What is all included in that price?

When you book a night of Glamping, you get all the necessities you would find in a hotel but more! You get...

  • A platform bed with 6" memory foam mattress
  • All bed linens
  • Furniture such as chairs, tables, and bar. We can tailor the furnishings to meet your needs
  • Rugs
  • Lanterns/lighting
  • Blankets, baskets
  • If you'd like, we also have coolers, glassware, camping chairs, hammocks, basic cookware, games, and more! ALL INCLUDED! 
  • We also will make sure you have firewood and ice so that you can start enjoying yourself immediately.

I would like to plan a Glamping bachelorette party but don't have the time. Can The Wedding Market help me??

Definitely! We love to take on the role as "event planners". We can help a little or a lot. Some ways The Wedding Market can help you create the party or your dreams: Sending invitations, providing custom champagne glasses, grocery shopping, coordinating matching pajamas, coordinating bar service, and so much more.

I would like help planning a romantic getaway for my partner. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! This is what we love to do most. We can help you plan something simple or something grand. We can even help you come up with ideas.

Where do you get your tents?

Our tents are proudly purchased from Stout Tent. To learn more about these tents, click on their name : )

What size tents do you have at The Wedding Market?

Our tents come in two sizes: 16ft and 13ft. Click on each to learn more.

How many people can sleep in a tent?

Our large tents fit up to 4 people in beds. Our smaller tents can fit 3 twin beds.

Will my tent have electricity?

Our tents do not come with access to power. The lights we provide are battery operated and we can provide power banks for cell phones. Some campsites have the option to plug-in to electricity for a small extra fee. We also have generators that can be quietly operated to provide power for small devices.

What if the weather doesn't look good for my booked event?

Your comfort is extremely important to us. We offer both heating and cooling packages to ensure this. Our tents hold up very well in the rain and the tall ceilings make sheltering more comfortable.

We know that weather can have a huge impact on your experience. If unseasonable weather, severe thunderstorms, and/or high winds could threaten your safety and enjoyment, we will offer rescheduling (subject to availability) at no extra cost.

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