Aromatherapy necklace from brand Kitsch in carved style. Circle pendant has carved ridges leading toward a center stone.
Three variations of aromatherapy necklaces in different open box displays. 5 essential oil blends perched above the necklace display on a wood slab. 3 different styles of necklaces each shaped in a circle as a locket. Necklaces open up to a small pad inside where you can put your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend to bring aromatherapy on the go.
Aromatherapy necklace in brushed aluminum. Necklace comes in a pretty pink box with pretty blue floral pattern. The brushed aluminum has a plain circle face with ridges on the outside.
Aromatherapy necklace from brand Kitsch in the star style. Circle pendant with a center star displayed in an open box and pretty pink and purple flowers.
A woman wearing an aromatherapy necklaces holds up an open necklace to show the inside white pad where you place a few drops of your favorite essential oil..
An image of all three necklaces laid out. The three styles are carved, brushed aluminum, and star. Aromatherapy necklaces by brand Kitsch that come in pretty box packaging.

Aromatherapy Necklace

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Take the benefits of aromatherapy with you wherever you go! Just three drops of your favorite essential oil on the inside pad and you are relaxed with lavender or add sweet orange to energize your day.